Which products are suitable for metal welding

Date:Sep 30, 2020

Advantages of ultrasonic metal welding process:


1, low requirements for welding metal surface condition, oxidation or electroplating can be welding.

2, the welding time is very fast, do not need any flux, protective gas, solder.

3. No spark during welding, environmental protection and safety.

4, welding materials do not melt, metal material properties do not decay.

5. After welding, the product has good electrical conductivity, very low or nearly zero resistance coefficient, and low temperature rise of welding spot.


Ultrasonic metal welding process applicable products:


1. nickel oxide battery nickel mesh and nickel sheet mutually fuse;

2. Mutual melting of copper foil and nickel sheet and aluminum foil and aluminum sheet for lithium battery and polymer battery;

3, wire mutual melting, woven into one and multiple mutual melting;

4, wire and various electronic components, contact, connector mutual fusion;

5, all kinds of household appliances, automotive supplies large heat sink;

6. Electromagnetic switch, no fuse switch and other high-current contacts, mutual melting of dissimilar metal sheets;

7. Seal the tail of the metal pipe, cut off water-tight and air-tight.

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