What is ultrasonic welding wire? What is the role of the fuse?

Date:Aug 26, 2020

The two plastic parts are fused together using an ultrasonic welding process, and there must be a reduced contact surface to facilitate the concentrated transmission of ultrasonic energy, which has achieved the effect of not hurting the surface and can be quickly welded. This reduced contact surface is called an ultrasonic welding wire, also known as an ultrasonic welding wire. It forms a triangular convex plastic on one of the two welding surfaces, and a triangular column protruding on one of the welding surfaces constitutes ultrasonic welding line.


The role of the ultrasonic welding wire is to gather energy to speed up the welding operation and to sensitively melt the other side to be welded, so that most of the plastic flows to the contact surface. The ultrasonic plastic welding does not require the entire plastic part to vibrate and heat, but to selectively heat the welding part The ultrasonic energy transmission heats and welds at the position where the two plastic interfaces touch the ultrasonic welding line. The ultrasonic welding wire can quickly melt and reach the highest welding strength, because the plastic of the guide wire melts and flows to the entire welding area. When designing the ultrasonic welding wire, leave enough space in the middle of the thick section of the plastic wall to avoid plastic overflowing after the welding wire melts and affect the appearance.


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