What Is Easy To Happen With The Transducer

Date:Oct 10, 2019

What Is Easy To Happen With The Transducer

An ultrasonic transducer is a device that converts high frequency electrical energy into mechanical energy. Usually impedance matching is achieved to allow the transducer power amplifier to output maximum power to the load, and the piezoelectric effect converts the electrical signal into mechanical vibration to achieve the desired effect.


The function of the ultrasonic transducer is to convert the input electrical power into mechanical power (ie, ultrasonic waves) and then pass it out, while consuming a small portion of the power itself. The technical problem to be solved is to design an ultrasonic transducer with a large distance and a wide frequency band.


Ultrasonic transducers are prone to problems. Ultrasonic vibrators are damp. Check the plugs connected to the transducers with a megohmmeter. Check the insulation resistance value to determine the basic situation. Generally, the insulation resistance is greater than 5 megohms. If the insulation resistance value is not reached, the transducer is generally damp. The whole transducer (excluding the sprayed plastic case) can be placed in the oven for about 3 hours to dry for 3 hours or to use a hair dryer to remove moisture. Normal until now. The transducer vibrator is fired and the ceramic material is broken. It can be combined with the naked eye and the megohmmeter. Generally, as an emergency treatment measure, the individual damaged vibrator can be disconnected without affecting the normal use of other vibrators.


The above introduction to the ultrasonic transducer is here, I hope to be able to help you understand.

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Ultrasonic Transducer

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