Use of ultrasonic welding machine.

Date:Apr 28, 2018

Ultrasonic lace machine or common use, trimming, stitching, ornamental aperture function, open, molding and so on, are common used in the textile industry, such as non-woven surgical clothing, handbag, masks, and compare with common baby bib application. Without needlework, save money, avoid the trouble of cutting needle thread, can make straight line and curve suture processing. Ultrasonic lace is also called machine ultrasonic lace suture machine, ultrasonic embossing machine, is an efficient suture, embossing equipment.

The ultrasonic lace machine, which eliminates the traditional stitching procedure, fits the ergonomic design, and is safe and easy to operate. Stop straight line and arc welding. It can meet the application of waterproof, sealing and antibacterial. The matching flower wheel can improve the solid and beautiful product.

Cutting edge: unilateral straight edge or curvilinear resection, and dissolving side treatment, making the edges smooth and smooth without rough edges;

Suture: two or more layers of fabric are stitched together, and the wireless needle has no substitute for sewing and the welding strength is good.

Engraving: cut out various types of holes, and do the solution side;

Opening: to cut off single or multiple pieces of data, and to do the melt edge treatment without burrs;

Molding: simultaneously remove, suture, embossing, make the product take shape once.

USES: 1. Leather clothing lace. Pajamas. Underwear. Pillowcase. Bed quilt cover. Hemline.

2.Head flowers. Hairpin accessories. Ribbons. Gift wrap.

    3. Hotel and hotel supplies: cloth, cloth, chopsticks cover, seat cover, cup cushion, curtain.

4.Raincoat.PVE bag. Umbrella. Food package. Tent. Shoes and hats.

5. Disposable surgical gowns. Masks, surgical caps, medical goggles, etc.

6. Craft ornaments. Christmas ornaments. Wedding dress accessories.

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