Unique Advantages of Ultrasonic Spray Nozzle Compare to Pressure Nozzle

Date:Dec 06, 2017

Unique Advantages of Ultrasonic Spray Nozzle Compare to Pressure Nozzle

Ultrasonic spray nozzle systems have replaced pressure nozzles in a wide range of industrial and R&D applications, and enabled spray processes that would otherwise be impossible. Concerns over the environment and unacceptable quantities of waste have influenced manufacturers to adopt ultrasonic spray nozzle systems as a technology that is more precise, more controllable, and a more environmentally friendly coating application.


Altrasonic nozzles, with their characteristic fine mist spray, dramatically reduce over spray, saving money and reducing atmospheric contamination. The nozzles are inherently non-clogging, self cleaning devices that atomize liquids using high frequency sound waves (beyond human hearing range) instead of forcing a liquid through a small orifice using high pressure. Ultrasonic nozzles open up a broad range of new application possibilities. The nozzles are ideal, for example, when extremely low flow rates are required. They offer unique benefits when spraying particles in suspension, keeping particles evenly suspended during the entire spray process through the ultrasonic action of the nozzle itself. This results in more uniform dispersion of functional particles in thinner layers.Altrasonic spray nozzles are fabricated from Titanium for long life and excellent acoustical properties


Ultrasonic nozzles systems reduce:

· Material consumption by up to 80%

· Wasteful over spray and wasteful contamination

· Waste disposal

· Servicing and downtime

Ultrasonic nozzle benefits

*Spray patterns are easily shaped for precise coating applications

*Highly controllable spray produces reliable, consistent results

*Corrosion-resistant titanium and stainless steel construction

*Ultra-low flow rate capabilities, intermittent or continuous

*No moving parts to wear out


*Drops sizes as small as 13 microns, depending upon nozzle frequency

*Reduce downtime in critical manufacturing processes

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