Ultrasonic pulverization application

Date:Jan 19, 2020

Ultrasonic pulverization of cells has major implications in certain studies in biology. In the comminution of biological tissues, bacteria (such as Escherichia coli) have been pulverized to extract useful components therein.


Industrial use of molybdenum disulfide powder as a lubricant, fineness is one of the important indicators of its quality, requiring particles in the powder to account for more than 95%. Using ultrasonic to pulverize, good results can be obtained.


The ultrasonic pulverizing dye is smaller and more uniform than the particles obtained by the general mechanical grinding method, especially the pulverization of the insoluble mineral dye, such as the pulverization of the Shihlin dye, and the following dye particles can be obtained by ultrasonic technology. It can be used as a suspension for dyeing, which not only saves dyes, but also improves the quality of dyeing, bright dyeing and increased fastness.


Ultrasound has an effect on the comminution of cocoa powder, coffee powder, chocolate powder in food, as well as the crushing of mine mineral powder, crushed medicine, chemical daily products and the like.

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