Ultrasonic Welding Machine Maintenance

Date:Aug 24, 2018

Ultrasonic Welding Machine Maintenance

Production operation procedures

A: Preparatory work 

1. Check the whole machine power source, everything can be put into use normally.

2. Check to see if there is any oxide on the contact surface between the ultrasonic mould (welding head) and the expander and clean it up.

B: Installation of ultrasonic mould (welding horn)

1. Loosen the screw on the lid of the movable frame and take out the transducer suite

2. Check to see if there is any oxide on the contact surface between the ultrasonic mould (welding horn) and the expander and clean it up.

3. Put transducer suite back activities within the frame (lid) on the merger, straighten after ultrasonic mould (welding head) direction (the direction of choose to work), cover the screw locking activity, of course prior to dispatch frame to the height of the safe. (ultrasonic die down limit is higher than in mesa goods)

C: Ultrasonic mold (welding horn) natural frequency and ultrasonic machine output frequency matching detection:

Ultrasonic mould (welding horn) in a suspended state, short press (point), ultrasonic testing switch release of ultrasonic, at the same time gradually transfer frequency tuning knob, until you find a pointer oscillation amplitude for ultra small place (i.e., tuning super preferred location).Note: it is usually advisable to avoid the limit of both ends of the turning range of the tuning knob when the swinging range of the pointer does not exceed "2".\

D: Frame height adjustment

1. Set the pressure above 1.5kg (20PS)

2. Press the drop switch of the ultrasonic mould once and the position of the self-lock (the falling indicator light of the welding horn is on);"At this point, the ultrasonic mould (welding horn) falls down."

3. Put the ultrasonic bottom die (put the plastic part into the bottom die first) on the working table below the ultrasonic mold (welding horn) and loosen the handle of the frame.

4. The height of the handwheel of the shaking machine is adjusted so that the ultrasonic mould (welding horn) is in accordance with the top surface of the plastic parts.Lock the frame and fix the bottom die with a splint.

5. Lift down stroke adjusting screw 1~2 mm and lock screw with nut.

6. Press the ultrasonic mold drop switch again to cancel the position of the self-lock (the solder head drop indicator is off)."At this point, the ultrasonic mold (welding head) returns to the suspended state."

E: Time parameter setting: key points: trigger should be advanced;Do not delay welding;Keep the cooling as short as possible.

Preliminary welding time [about 0.3 seconds] and holding pressure (cooling) time.

1. Time setting: should be based on the ultrasonic mold (welding head) falling stroke and speed to determine the specific time, the purpose is to make ultrasonic mould (welding head) whereabouts, touched the plastic before the moment of ultrasonic.

2. Setting of connection time: according to the "pressure size of the compression plastic parts" and "the effect of welding" to determine;( For instance:1. If there is a plastic material 'spattering' at the welding port, it means that the welding time is too long or the pressure is too high or the screw of 'descending stroke adjustment (limit)' is too low.If the welding nozzle is not fused enough, it happens to be the opposite of the former. 2. If welding mouth paragraphs on melting inconsistent, said paragraphs by pressure is different, it may be pressure on the low side, and the plastic deformation is more, by high pressure test, ultrasonic bottom die or ' 'can't make the two pieces of plastic side cannot perfectly, can use tape to the location of the' ultrasonic bottom die 'lack of molten is relatively high, trial and error to achieve better welding effect.)

3. Special attention: The effect of welding can also be changed by adjusting the air pressure value of air pressure cutting when the "welding time" and the "falling stroke adjustment (limit position) screw position" remain the same.Therefore, during the normal use, it is necessary to keep the air pressure of the air pressure source higher than the set air pressure value.

4. Pressure (cooling) time setting

If the plastic part is' undeformed ', 'no internal stress after welding' and 'solidification is not slow', the cooling time value (or only 1/5 seconds) is not usually selected.

F: After the quality inspection of the test welding product is qualified, the variable parameter values of each place can be locked and the production can be put into high efficiency

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