Ultrasonic Welding FAQs

Date:Nov 17, 2017

Ultrasonic Welding

Q:Which materials can be welded using ultrasonic ?

A:All thermoplastic resins can be welded using ultrasonics. Best are hard, amorphous plastics such as PC, PS, SAN, ABS, and PMMA. They have ideal transmission properties for ultrasonic energy, thus they are also easily weldable and achieve good results even with larger dimensions. Semi-crystalline plastics, such as PA, PP, PE, and POM melt generally faster. Consequently they can  only be welded within the near field of the sonotrode (weld tool).


Q:Industrial ultrasonic for welding-How does i t ?

A”he ultrasonic generator converts the supply voltage (50 Hz and 220V) into a high frequency voltage which is converted into mechanical vibrations in the converter. The wave increases itself on its way from converter through the booster to the sonotrode. The sonotrode is the actual weld tool, transferring the vibrations into the component.

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