Ultrasonic press machine equipment function

Date:Oct 09, 2017

(1) the use of ultrasonic vibration and special steel wheel, after pressurization, you can get the function as described above.

(2) processing does not smoke, sparks, do not hurt the edge of cloth, but also to avoid burr.

(3) flower wheel replacement is simple, according to customers need to replace a variety of graphics flower wheel.

(4) manufacturing without preheating, and continuous operation.

(5) can be installed color paper, gold foil paper, press up to the color, bronzing function.

(6) can be more than one unit synthesis machine, in order to complete a wide range of products, such as quilt, umbrella and so on.

(7) special alloy steel made of flower wheel, and by a special heat treatment process, with resistance to wear and tear, long life characteristics.

(8) mechanical operation is simple, easy maintenance, the use of low noise 20KHZ ultrasonic, anti-noise interference.

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