Ultrasonic plastic welding installation procedures

Date:Oct 09, 2017

Ultrasonic plastic welding installation procedures

A: Connect the three cables on the rack to the base of the base and the generator and tighten it.

B: Install the transducer system and tighten the captive screws.

C: Adjust the rack height and tighten the body to secure the handle.

D: observe the emergency stop switch on the base is reset, if not, please reset.

E: Connect the air supply and power supply, and connect the ground wire.

F: Wipe the contact surface between the welding head and the secondary rod, apply a small amount of silicone oil or butter to the two ends, tighten the screw into the welding head, and then connect the welding head with the secondary rod. , And with the wrench lock.

G: Before operation, be sure to do an ultrasonic test to determine that the generator frequency is consistent with the mechanical resonant frequency of the transducer system. Especially after replacing the welding head or changing the output amplitude, can not be ignored.

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