Ultrasonic metal welding spot machine

Date:Sep 12, 2019

Ultrasonic metal welding is a special method of connecting the same metal or dissimilar metals by using the mechanical vibration energy of ultrasonic frequency. When the metal is ultrasonically welded, neither the current is supplied to the workpiece nor the high temperature heat source is applied to the workpiece, but the mechanical energy is converted into internal energy, deformation energy and limited temperature rise under static pressure. The two base metals reach the solid phase welding that occurs at the recrystallization temperature. Therefore, it effectively overcomes the phenomenon of splashing and oxidation generated during resistance welding. Ultrasonic metal welding machine can perform single point welding, multi-point welding and short strip welding on filament or sheet material of non-ferrous metals such as copper, silver, aluminum and nickel. Can be widely used in thyristor leads, fuse sheets, electrical leads, lithium battery pole pieces, tab welding.

The ultrasonic joining process is widely used in the battery production field to ensure the best electrical conductivity, even when connecting different kinds of metals. Features of ultrasonic welding process (sturdy and reliable, extremely economical) Ultrasonic welding has the advantages of firm solder joints, small internal resistance of solder joints, no traces of oxidation, and beautiful appearance. No sparks are generated during welding, the operator is safe and secure, and has no smoke. Does not cause air pollution; all welding workpieces do not need to be pre-treated, no solder, welding oil and other additives can be welded, economical and convenient; welding time is very short, generally in 0.01-1S seconds, the welding is completed instantaneously; the welding temperature does not exceed The annealing temperature does not change the metallographic structure of the weldment, the weld strength is stronger than other methods, and the fusion interface is neat and clean.

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