Ultrasonic Cutting FAQs

- Nov 17, 2017-

Q: Why using ultrasonic cutting ?

A:Ultrasonic cutters are designed to give the best edge seal on all fabrics without having to adjust the machine for different fabrics or thickness.
This leads to higher productivity and less downtime, changing the cutting sonotrodes for different fabrics.
Due to the characteristics of ultrasonic cutting, all fabrics finish with a superb edge seal, which most importantly prevents fraying. This is due to the intense heat that is rapidly concentrated on the cutting/sealing head. No other cutting/sealing methods can compare to this edge sealing ultrasonic cutting technology.


Q:What are the unique features and advantages of ultrasonic cutting ?

A:1.Built in electronic amplitude setting allowing the user to choose amplitudes through generator between 70% to 100% without changing the Booster.


2.Can be employed to cut/seal un-laminated, laminated, antistatic PP, PE, HDPE, LD, Woven/Non-woven Fabrics.


3.Due to high vibrations of Ultrasonic tip, the cut edges are not only mechanically separated but also thermally sealed.


4.Neat, clean & smooth edges can be obtained without formation of beads on the cut edges.

5.No emission of cutting fumes in the cutting area so reduces the expensive suction system.

6.For food cutting,no food sticking to the blade and perfect cutting surface