​Ultrasonic cutting application

Date:Mar 24, 2021

Ultrasonic cutting application

The principle is completely different from traditional cutting. The ultrasonic cutting machine uses the energy of ultrasonic waves to heat and melt a part of the material to be cut, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting the material. Ultrasonic cutting machine features, does not need sharp blades, does not require a lot of pressure, and will not chip or damage the cutting material.

Ultrasonic cutting has a wide range of applications, the most common ones are food cutting, tire cutting and fabric cutting.

Ultrasound fabric cutting application

Ultrasonic fabric cutting machine is designed to provide the best edge seal on all fabrics, without having to adjust the machine for different fabrics or thicknesses. Therefore, the production efficiency is improved, the downtime is reduced, and the cutting method of various fabrics is changed. The strong heat of the ultrasonic fabric cutting machine quickly concentrates on the cutting/sealing head for cutting. All fabrics have excellent edge sealing, and the most important thing is to prevent abrasion.

Ultrasonic rubber cutting application

Ultrasonic rubber cutting knife Ultrasonic rubber cutting technology provides superior cutting compared with any other mechanical means currently available, ensuring the integrity of the material. Ultrasonic vibration achieves a high degree of cleanliness, so there is no sawing effect, so that the material is more uniform and the stress is less. The ultrasonic cutting process also guarantees the advantages of cutting speed, safety, cost-effectiveness and smoothness of the finished product.

Ultrasonic food cutting application

Compared with traditional cutting machines, ultrasonic food cutting machines are more hygienic, have shorter downtime, better cost-effectiveness, high consistency on the cutting surface, and blades that stay sharp for a long time. When the ultrasonic cutting knife is cutting pastries, cheese, pizza, meat and other foods, the vibration reduces the resistance and does not produce product residues. Because the ultrasonic food cutting surface is smooth, has no deformation, no heat damage, etc., it has been widely used in the food cutting industry.

Ultrasonic plastic cutting application

The main function of the ultrasonic plastic cutting process of ultrasonic plastic cutting knife is to separate the connected parts. The pressure on the object to be cut can be reduced by high-frequency vibration per second, so that it is convenient to form a neat and clean cutting surface. Ultrasonic plastic cutting uses ultrasonic energy to locally heat and melt the cut plastic, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting materials, so there is no need for a sharp edge. Commonly used to cut materials that are difficult to cut, such as thermoplastic resin plates, sheets, films and laminates, carbon fiber composite materials, fabrics, and rubber.

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