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Date:Jun 07, 2018

1. Soft and firm removing fat for the treatment of acne:

There are a variety of forms of acne, more common with suppurative and acne, but there is a kind of dark sore with a large size, hard red swelling, painful touch, and easy to form hard knot due to improper treatment. In these patients, it is best not to prick the early extrusion, the application of ultrasonic beauty machine with acne inflammation cream, gently massage in the surface of sores, every sore body massage for 1 minute or so, a few together the whole massage, ultrasound can impact the lymph nodes, blood and lymph circulation, accelerate the backlog of inflammatory cells under the action of ultrasonic change shape, combined with ultrasonic antiphlogistic drug import, swollen form improving the congestion phenomenon of acne, soften the skin and induration.

2. Eliminate scar (nodule) after dark sore healing

Acne during growing, many patients because of excessive extrusion, inflammation when processes improper, will be imperceptible blood-vessel, blood seeping skin, presents a "down", also some people use antiphlogistic medicine ointment, stimulate skin color pigment AD cool-headed, left after the "coffee", and ultrasonic wave can penetrate the skin, not only can dissolve penetrate into the skin dry blood, at the same time can strengthen the blood circulation and metabolism, activate cells, accelerate the absorption, make colour more quickly faded. Acne fester if via extrusion or local tissue damage excessive, local tissue cells after death bacterial infection, not normal metabolism and blood vessels leak rupture grimy blood did not make appropriate processing and solidified, caused nodules after the lumps, such nodules lumps, a prajnaparamita scar cream or scarring of oil, the fastest also want to 15 to 45 days to soften and fade pigment, with ultrasonic if the corresponding drugs, after the good condition.

3. Remove abnormal skin pigment:

Abnormal pigmentation on the face is one of the most common and harmful skin problems. To form a variety of reasons, such as the use of inappropriate cosmetics or a long time to put on the skin irritant drugs, mosquito bites, exposure, burns and other reasons caused by abnormal high pigment, also includes the beautician often said chloasma, uterus spot, malar rash, etc.

Cosmetic physicians commonly used "grind arenaceous, bleaching, protect skin to deal with, the result is not ideal, not only often backfire, the pigment is getting more and more deep, take drugs is also difficult to have a significant effect, and application of ultrasonic spot essence and high doses of vitamin C, quick effect, can thoroughly remove abnormal pigment. Treatment to a detailed analysis of the cause of the long spot, spot class, who can't find the reason of spot or basic finalize the design is no longer a long spot, application of ultrasonic therapy, with Chinese medicine and the mask or take suit the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the effect will be better.

4. Differentiated pigment removing subcutaneous spots:

Dermatologist and hairdresser often find some face minister spot, in addition to color, there are shades, some only in epidermis, some are under the skin, such as black spot or pigment deposition, such as pushing for patients with frozen, electric bright, exfoliating, skinning method, in the end may backfire, if hurt dermal and cause permanent scarring, patients will rue, beauty machine with ultrasonic with external treatment on drugs can spot cells, the effect is immediate.

5. Prevent aging and dry skin, prevent wrinkles, remove wrinkles and blood stasis:

Hyaluronic acid content in the dermis to reduce, can make the skin with water and the combination of the ability, reduced moisture content in cells caused by skin dryness, easy to produce obvious wrinkles after the age of thirty years, nowadays women often with the help of the nutrition and active protein collagen cream or anti-wrinkle cream cha local skin to temper aging, but due to the limited cell absorption and the stagnation of deep tissue metabolism, so the effect is not good, if the placenta with ultrasonic, anti-wrinkle cream, or vitamin E oil short-term intensive nourishing cream, such as massage, in addition to supply skin with high nutrition, collagen protein and moisturizing factor, also can stimulate the deep cell activation, make deep cells to absorb nutrition, To slow down aging and dry, and promote new cell activation to achieve the purpose of improving skin luster.

Wrinkles is aging, the symbol of an ultrasonic beauty machine with high quality anti-wrinkle cream, will the drug tocopherol permeate in the anti-wrinkle cream, can strengthen metabolism and anti-aging, prevention of small wrinkle formation, due to the use of ultrasonic mechanical massage function, on the one hand, regulate the skin cells through the change of cell membrane and rearrange, on the other hand, strengthen the function of blood circulation and metabolism, make the skin of water lack of nutrient supplement, so small wrinkles disappear gradually.

6. Reduce eye bags and remove dark circles:

Ultrasonic massage can effectively accelerate blood and lymph circulation and enhance metabolic function. Add heat effect, more can dissolve fat, accelerate skin absorption, dissipate the excessive accumulation of moisture and fat, eye bags and disappear, venous blood circulation to speed up, blood stasis, blood circulation is normal, no longer obvious, blue black rim of the eye also was done not have. When doing the treatment, we must adopt the ultrasonic beauty machine head, with nourishing cream, eye cream or essence, massage along skin texture direction, each bag 5 minutes every time, strength is smaller, the movement wants gentleness, careful not to make drug into eyes, head cannot on the eyeball to the Lord, lest affect the eyes of the intraocular pressure and water content

7. Soften the scar and lighten the pigment:

Some people's bodies may be caused by minor or severe trauma, scalds, burns, or acne infections resulting in a new organism of benign connective tissue. This kind of scar is not formed immediately after the wound healing, but after the scar hyperplasia period around l-2 months after the healing.

Initial skin redness and a small number of capillary dilatation, this is scar period. If not given proper treatment, the redness is increasingly significant, the expansion of the capillaries is gradually increasing, edema, significantly higher than that of leather, following with fibrosis, touch very solid, such as stiffness and dysfunction occurs when the joints, such as the face, may produce face on the severity of the disability or mouth slanting eyes oblique sequelae.

If such keloid for local or small area, ultrasonic with panax notoginseng frost or scar softeners are used for gravity slightly massage for 2-3 days interval time, two or three consecutive period of treatment, can gradually make scar softening, flattening, and can weaken pigment.

8. Massage to improve the cortex:

The quality of facial skin, strictly speaking, everyone is different, general classification is oily, dry, mix sex, sensitivity. Natural skin delicate and exquisite, unique person many, but more and more people because of all sorts of different factors stimulation, can cause a lot of skin problems, such as long spot, papula, the formation of wrinkles, etc., the change of this kind of leather, if can early prevention, can avoid or reduce the occurrence of course, even if there is a problem, can timely and properly handle, skin problems can eliminate as soon as possible, also can be improved or restoring skin quality. Often apply ultrasonic wave in skin maintain respect, can make coriaceous change fine become tender, adipose, raise disease resistance, it is a kind of outstanding hairdressing health care method really.

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