Ultrasonic atomization application

Date:Oct 23, 2020

1.Medical inhalation ultrasonic atomizer

Nasal, throat, lung treatment

Pulmonary isotope diagnosis, advantages: small dose

2. Household ultrasonic humidifier

3. Ultrasonic atomization can also be used for atomization of fuel oil, which makes fuel combustion more complete and saves energy.

4. Preparation of metal powder

(1) The molten metal is atomized by ultrasonic vibration, and then the droplet-shaped metal particles are cooled and solidified in the air, and then collected, which is the metal powder to be prepared.

(2) The size of the droplets is related to the parameters of the ultrasound and also to the physical properties of the molten metal.

(3) Industrially used in the manufacture of metal powders, especially for the production of powders that are ductile and soft and low-melting metal materials, such as powders such as zinc and aluminum.

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