The working principle of ultrasonic equipment

Date:May 25, 2018

Principle of automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly transducer, ultrasonic frequency power source of the sound energy, and want to convert into mechanical vibration, through the wall of cleaning trough trough and the cleaning fluid in radiation to ultrasound. Due to the radiation of ultrasonic waves, the microbubbles in the liquid in the tank can maintain vibration under the action of sound waves. When the sound pressure or sound intensity is stressed to a certain extent, the bubble expands rapidly and then suddenly closes. Closed during this period, the bubbles of sudden shock wave, the bubble generated around 1012-1013 pa's pressure and temperature, the pressure produced by ultrasonic cavitation can destroy the insoluble dirt and make their differentiation in solution, steam cavitation repeated impact directly on dirt. On the one hand, destroy the adsorption on the surface of the dirt and clean, on the other hand can cause dirt layer by barge from fatigue damage, the vibration of the gas type bubble to scrub of solid surface, once the fouling layer seam drilling, bubble "into" vibration make the fouling layer falls off, immediately due to cavitation, quick dispersion and emulsification, two liquids in the interface when the solid particles is smeary wrapped and on the surface of the adhesive in cleaning, oil was emulsified and solid particles to fall off, ultrasonic propagation in the cleaning fluid will produce positive and negative alternating pressure, jet formation, the impact cleaning, at the same time due to nonlinear effects will produce acoustic streaming and acoustic streaming, And ultrasonic cavitation in the interface of solid and liquid will produce high speed micro jet, all these effects, can destroy the dirt, remove or weaken the boundary layer, increase the stirring, diffusion, accelerate soluble dissolve dirt, strengthen the cleaning effect of chemical cleaning agents. It can be seen that any place where the liquid can be immersed and the sound field exists has the function of cleaning, and its characteristics are suitable for cleaning the parts with very complex surface shape. In particular, the use of this technology can reduce the amount of chemical solvents, thereby greatly reducing environmental pollution

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