The ultrasonic lace machine is changed to install.

Date:Apr 27, 2018

The ultrasonic lace machine is mainly used for the processing and manufacturing of clothing lace, clothing accessories, hotel tablecloth, coasters, collars, non-woven consumer products, curtains, plastic adhesives, etc. With the change of people's aesthetic concept, the products with flower border are more and more absorbing the consumers' eyeballs, and the flower edges play the role of decorative products to make the products more beautiful. And the ultrasound machine is the machine that makes the flower edge specially, can make all kinds of lace pattern, can add luster to the product.

Cut edge: unilateral resection, and stop the melting edge effect, make the edges smooth and smooth, without rough edges.  

Engraving: cut out the holes of various kinds of holes, and make molten edge disposal.  

Transfer printing: transfer the transfer paper or gold foil to the data.  

Fusion: two or more layers of data are fused together, the wireless needle has no substitute for sewing and the welding strength is good.  

Opening: to discontinue single or multiple pieces of data at the same time, and to do the melt edge treatment without burrs.  

Shape: according to the flower wheel pattern, at the same time cut edge, hole, seal, make the product take shape once.  

Applicable information:

Chemical fiber cloth, nylon cloth, knit cloth, non-woven fabric, rubber, PE paper, PE+ aluminum, PE+ cloth and other composite materials, thermoplastic plastic foil and plastic sheet.  

Application examples:

Lace dress, skirt, sportswear, pajamas, nightgown, headdress flower hair accessories, packaging, flower satin ribbons, tents, raincoats, tablecloth, chair cover, bedspread, pillow case, quilt cover, curtain, handkerchief, bunting, disposable gown, non-woven masks, arts and crafts, decoration products.

The ultrasonic lace machine can be installed to produce longitudinal vibration. And the motor drives the shift rod and the flower cycle respectively. When take down, and face contact, the amplitude and the mechanical effect of ultrasound (upper and lower vibration) and thermal effect makes the pressure between the wheel and the amplitude of fabric to reach the purpose of cutting and melt. It is driven by the pressure wheel to slide off the work table to achieve the function of cutting and printing from time to time.  

1. The application of ultrasound involves special steel wheel processing, without harming the edges of the cloth, without burrs.

2. The flower wheel should be changed to a variety of patterns, depending on the customer's needs.

3. No preheating and continuous operation is required.

4. Suture: apply ultrasonic wave to stop stitching of all kinds of fabric without needling, thus achieving waterproof effect.

5. Lace: the application of ultrasound can be used to compress all kinds of leather/cloth into arbitrary patterns, and not to use the burrs.

6. Bronzing: the application of ultrasonic can stop the bronzing on all kinds of leather/fabric, and the speed is fast and the effect is good.

7. Package edge: the application of ultrasonic can stop the disposal of all kinds of leather/fabric.

8. Other: the machine also has the function of dividing line/cutting hole and so on, can reach the effect of multi-purpose.

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