​The principle of ultrasonic food cutter

Date:Jan 19, 2021

The principle of ultrasonic food cutter

Ultrasonic cutting machine is a kind of ultrasonic equipment specially used for cutting.

The principle is different from traditional cutting. Ultrasonic cutting machine uses ultrasonic energy to heat and melt the material to be cut, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting the material

The ultrasonic cutting machine is basically composed of an ultrasonic transducer, an ultrasonic horn, an ultrasonic cutting knife, and an ultrasonic generator.

Ultrasonic generator

The electricity is converted into high-frequency and high-voltage alternating current, which is output to the ultrasonic transducer. Ultrasonic transducer is equivalent to energy conversion device, it can convert the input electric energy into mechanical energy, namely ultrasonic. The ultrasonic transducer stretches back and forth in the longitudinal direction, and the frequency of the stretch movement is equal to the frequency of the high-frequency alternating current supplied by the driving power source.

Ultrasonic Horn

The ultrasonic horn amplifies the output amplitude of the ultrasonic transducer.

Ultrasonic cutter

Ultrasonic wave is output, and the cutting knife is used to concentrate the ultrasonic energy into the cutting part of the material to be cut. Under the action of ultrasonic energy, this part instantly softens and melts, and its strength is greatly reduced. Only a small amount of force is required to achieve the purpose of cutting materials. The characteristics of the ultrasonic cutting machine do not require sharp blades, great pressure, and will not chip or damage the cutting material.

1. The cutting knife is doing ultrasonic vibration, the friction resistance is very small, and the cut material is not easy to stick to the blade. It has obvious cutting effect on frozen, viscous and elastic materials. It is more effective to cut food, rubber or objects that are inconvenient to apply pressure.

2. At the same time of cutting, the cutting part has fusion. The cutting part can be sealed to prevent the loosening of the cut material (such as textile material flash). The use of the ultrasonic cutting machine can also be expanded, such as digging holes, shoveling, scraping paint, carving, and slitting.

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