The principle and usage of ultrasonic cleaning machine.

Date:Apr 24, 2018

     Ultrasonic cleaning machine mainly consists of ultrasonic signal generator, ultrasonic transducer and cleaning tank. Ultrasonic signal generator to generate high-frequency oscillation signal, through the transducer into tens of thousands of times per second high-frequency mechanical oscillation, in (medium) formed in the ultrasonic cleaning fluid, in the form of positive pressure and negative pressure high frequency variations in the cleaning fluid density and radiation spread forward, constantly watching the tiny bubbles in the cleaning fluid and constantly burst, this phenomenon is called "cavitation effect".

     Bubble burst can form more than 1000 atmospheres of instantaneous high pressure, produce a series of explosions release enormous energy, on the surrounding a huge impact, thereby to impact of workpiece surface continuously, make the job a crack in the surface and dirt quickly peeling off, so as to achieve the aim of workpiece surface cleaning.

   Usage of ultrasonic cleaning machine:

1. The power supply of ultrasonic cleaning machine (220V) is used with three-core socket (phase, zero and ground).

2. Cleaning liquid or water must be added in the cleaning tank. The liquid level of the cleaning solution or water shall not be less than two thirds of the height of the cleaning tank (the best position should be in the top of the net). When cleaning, please add the detergent according to the different cleaning requirements, and strengthen the cleaning efficiency. All the detergent must meet the requirements of the tank and body in the non-corrosive cleaning machine.

3. The cleaning material shall be put into the metal frame. According to the scale of the cleaning material, the cleaning time shall be set, generally 3-10 minutes, especially difficult to be cleaned, and the cleaning time can be extended appropriately. (it is strictly forbidden to use the cleaned material directly at the bottom of the cleaning tank).

4, insert the plug of the power of the ultrasonic cleaning machine, three core power socket of 220 v, open the power switch set ultrasonic work time, press the "start/stop" button to start work, the liquid surface rendering spider swings, and accompanied by vibrating ring, said cleaning machine has entered the working condition.

5. Heavy objects should be hung in the cleaning fluid by hanging tools.


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