The Operation Steps of Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Date:Aug 09, 2018

Check the contact surface of mold, workpiece and base

1. Setting welding pressure

2. Setting down speed of stroke

3. Setting the height and adjusting the screw

4. Setting the delay time

5. Setting the welding time

6. Setting the curing time

Try to weld and check the load table. There are several possibilities as follow:

1. Overload, display load amplitude

2. Reduce pressure

3. Slow down the descent speed

4. Reduce the delay time

5. Reduce the segments of amplitude

6. Change to the machine with large power

Bad welding

1. Increase the fusion time or pressure

2. Increase the amplitude segments

3. Change to the machine with large power


1. Reduce the fusion time or pressure

2. Reduce the amplitude segments

Production test

Bad or good

Record material

Segments, pressure, delay , fusion, harden, time

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