​Some suggestions to improve the working stability of ultrasonic welding machine

Date:Mar 09, 2021

Some suggestions to improve the working stability of ultrasonic welding machine


When using an ultrasonic welding machine, if you want to get a product of good quality, it is very important to keep the output power stable, because if the output power is not stable, the direct result is that the machine cannot obtain stable frictional heat energy, and a stable output is visible. Power is very important, so how can we make the ultrasonic welding machine get a stable output power?


The coordination of the following four aspects is mainly required: the output power of the machine, the enlargement ratio of the ultrasonic welding head, the air pressure source, and the voltage source.


Ultrasonic welding machine


1. There is a formula like this: actual available power = ultrasonic machine output power + ultrasonic welding head enlargement ratio. According to the formula, we can see that for a specific machine, the greater the output power of the machine, the smaller the HORN expansion ratio will be; the reverse is also the same. We need to get a stable output power, not to say that only the larger the power, the better, but the right size of power should be selected according to the characteristics of the material to maintain its stable output.


2. According to the available resources, the engineer will make a reasonable design. The available resources mainly include: existing equipment, product quality requirements, product positioning and materials. This is because some equipment resources are fixed, it is necessary to use product design skills to match the existing equipment resources.


Ultrasonic welding machine

3. Pay attention to the cooperation of air pressure and voltage. According to experience, such things often happen. The quality standard is not met during working hours, but the quality standard is reached when the voltage and air pressure are stopped at the same time after get off work; in addition, when multiple people use voltage and air pressure at the same time When the air pressure is used, the automatic inflation of the air compressor air storage cylinder when the air pressure is too low will often cause errors in the product.


Therefore, in order to obtain stable output power, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

1. The engineer must have a complete understanding of the performance of the machine,

2. Understand the performance of the required product,

3. Have a comprehensive understanding of the corresponding relationship between ultrasonic and product welding,

4. Use power supply voltage stabilizing equipment and stable compressed air.

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