Precautions for installing ultrasonic welding machine

Date:Jun 12, 2018

Precautions for installing ultrasonic welding machine

The installation of ultrasonic welding machine should pay attention to the following problems:

1. Ultrasonic transducer must not do more than 360 °rotation, lest break the high-voltage line.

2. Ground wires need to be grounded and not connected to power supply ground wires to prevent high voltage leakage.

3. There is a high voltage circuit in the ultrasonic transducer and the ultrasonic electric box. In addition to the adjustment of the external operation, please do not repair inside the machine.

4. During operation (in a load condition), the vibration table should not exceed the red zone (in the case of a standard welding machine) to reduce the pressure, reduce the number of force segments, and adjust the number of sound waves if it is indicated to exceed, and if it is adjusted, it cannot be lowered, Please contact the manufacturer.

5. The air pressure source should be cleaned. If there is 1 / 2 of the water in the air filter, please remove it at any time. If there is too much water, the air compressor should be cleaned up from time to time.

6. Sound wave check in no load, amplitude meter should not exceed 1A, when exceeding 1A, please adjust the sound wave adjustment screw, if the adjustment can not be reduced to below 1A, there may be abnormal ultrasonic welding head or ultrasonic machine, please contact the manufacturer.

7. The ultrasonic platform should not be placed in damp or dusty and overheated places . Do not place liquid on the machine . Keep your hands clean and wipe it regularly . Do not use liquid to clean it with clean dry wiping .

8. Press sonic check switch to press intermittently, do not press continuously for more than three seconds to maintain the service life of ultrasonic transducer.

9. The welding head itself is determined by the welding joint and must be in accordance with the resonance of the vibration system, so the welding head should use the products designed and manufactured by our company so as not to damage the vibration system.

10. Do not repress the vibrated welding head to avoid burns. Press the emergency button in case of danger in automatic operation.

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