Piezoceramic Sheets Effective

Date:Sep 12, 2019

           Piezoceramic sheets are very much capable of detecting vibrations. No matter what the shape and size of the sheet is, it can 

effectively be used as a vibration sensor for machines.

           Can strain be measured by using piezoceramic sheets ?

           Piezoceramic sheets can be used to gauge strain. As a matter of fact, they can gauge strain without the help of any other 


Are the voltage outputs of a piezoceramic strain gauge repeatable ?

           When a piezoceramic sheet vibrates, voltage is produced. This voltage is repeatable. A calibrated piezoceramic sensor can 

accurately repeat voltage outputs for a very long time.

           Is the movement of a piezoceramic actuator repeatable ?

           The repeatability of the movement of a piezoceramic actuator depends on the cycle time and endpoints. The movement of a 

piezoceramic actuator is repeatable if the actuator is moved at the same cycle time and the endpoints are the same throughout the 

cycle. Changing the cycle time and endpoints removes the repeatability of the movement of the actuator.

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