Maintenance of ultrasonic cutting system

- Aug 02, 2018-

Construction of the ultrasonic cutter generator:

1. Power generator (power frequency current is converted to high frequency current, cutting process control center);

2. Transducer (high-frequency current can be converted into mechanical vibration energy, there is a voltage ceramic magnetic sheet inside, which is extremely easy to damage);

3. Booster (changes the amplitude and acts as a nip point);

4. Horn (Cutting knife).


Maintenance of ultrasonic cutting system components:

Maintenance of the power generator:

1. It is recommended to use an air filter device, to clean and replace it regularly;

2. Working environment temperature is between 5-50 ;

3. Generator to avoid being too close to the ground to prevent dust from entering;

4. Ensure that the inlet and exhaust ports are clear;

5. Generator away from radiation or hot vents;

6. Regularly clean the necessary parts.


Transducer maintenance:

1. Reduce the generation of heat;

2. Reduce the impact;

3. The transducer only serves as an auxiliary clamping force, and it is strictly forbidden to use excessive clamping force;

4. Use an air cooling system when the temperature is too high;

5. Regularly clean the dirt on the contact surface of the booster.


 Maintenance of the booster

1. Carefully installation and removal;

2. Reduce the impact;

3. The torque of the connecting bolt should not be too large.


Maintenance of the cutting knife:

1. Careful installation and removal;

2. Reduce the impact;

3. Regularly clean the residue on the cutting knife.

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