Introduction to Ultrasonic Welding Interface Type

Date:Oct 09, 2017

Introduction to Ultrasonic Welding Interface Type

(1) with energy-oriented wedge interface for welding non-crystalline plastic, and semi-crystalline plastic, the welding quality is poor. As the semi-crystalline plastic in the molten state of the flow temperature range is relatively narrow, the energy-oriented wedge will melt quickly after curing, difficult to spread to the entire interface surface, resulting in only in the vicinity of the energy-oriented wedge to form welds, welding strength Very low

(2) The shear interface is the most efficient form of interfacial semi-crystalline plastic. In the welding process, the initial contact with the local material melting, and then melt in the two parts of the interference between the continuous processing of materials, under pressure, the two parts along the sidewalk into the nest together, this interface in the same way Suitable for non-crystalline plastic, and the most suitable for cylindrical parts, and can form a high strength of the airtight welding.

(3) The miter interface is also suitable for semi-crystalline plastic, because the melting process occurs on the surface of the interface, does not involve the flow of molten plastic, commonly used in the case of thin-walled parts, the interface is circular or oval contour Parts to avoid fitting and contact problems at the corner of the ramp.

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