​Introduction of ultrasonic welding machine

Date:Jan 27, 2021

Introduction of ultrasonic welding machine

Ultrasonic welding machine is a mechanical treatment process. During the welding process, no current flows in the welded part, and there is no welding arc such as electric welding mode. Because ultrasonic welding does not have problems such as heat conduction and resistivity, it is suitable for colored For metal materials, it is undoubtedly an ideal metal welding equipment system, which can effectively weld sheets of different thicknesses.

Advantages of ultrasonic welding machine

1. The automatic welding machine has high working efficiency;

2. The ultrasonic welding machine is easy to operate;

3. Ultrasonic welding machine is more suitable for assembly line operation;

4. Automatic welding machine saves labor cost;

Working principle of ultrasonic welding machine

Ultrasonic welding machine uses high-frequency vibration waves to be transmitted to the surfaces of two objects to be welded. Under pressure, the surfaces of the two objects are rubbed against each other to form a fusion between molecular layers.

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