Introduction of ultrasonic cutting machine

Date:Oct 28, 2019

Introduction of Ultrasonic Cutting Machine

Ultrasonic cutters can oscillate their blades 20,000-40,000 times per second (20-40 kHz). Thanks to this movement, the ultrasonic cutter can easily cut resin, rubber, non-woven fabrics and composite materials. In addition to excellent maintainability, our products are also very environmentally friendly as they do not emit any debris, waste water, noise or smoke.


Ultrasonic Food Cutting Machine

The ultrasonic cutter consists of a "transducer" that produces a booster and an "booster" that drives the transducer. The piezoelectric element is incorporated in the transducer and the entire vibrator including the cutting blade is resonated by applying an alternating voltage from the booster to the piezoelectric element that is aligned with the characteristic frequency of the transducer. The sensor has a feedback control system that transmits frequency or amplitude deviation information due to the cutting load to the booster. The feedback control system keeps the blade's resonant state and amplitude stable, and allows the cutter to cut material clearly and cleanly at all times.

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