Introduction of Automotive radar bracket welding machine

Date:Jul 19, 2019

Automobile radar bracket press machine is also called automobile reversing radar bracket welding machine is to use ultrasonic technology to weld two automotive interior parts together. There are two kinds of automotive radar bracket welding processes, one is ultrasonic welding and the other is glued, both can meet the pull requirements. Ultrasonic puncture welding technology is used for ultrasonic welding of radar brackets, which can be welded by hand-held ultrasonic welding machine or by automatic equipment welding.

Automotive radar bracket ultrasonic welding machine sample


Automotive radar puncture welding will damage the contact surface of the radar bracket, but the other side will not, the thickness of bumper must be increased.


The welding is carried out by a 20K hand-held ultrasonic welding machine. The ultrasonic mold is made of aerospace aluminum and the pressure is applied by hand to complete the welding. The disadvantage is that the continuous operation of the worker is very laborious, and the 20K ultrasonic welding machine is heavy.


Automotive radar bracket ultrasonic punching and welding machine

This equipment is more automated, with bumper punching and radar brackets done at once.


Automotive radar bracket adhesive press machine


The car radar bracket can also be glued, glued with 3M glue, and fastened by servo-driven press equipment. This way there will be no scars on the back of the car bumper.


Summary: Automotive radar bracket welding can be ultrasonically welded or glued, depending on the customer's welding requirements and the appearance requirements of the car bumper after welding.

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