Extraction principle and application for ultrasonic extraction instrument

Date:Jan 23, 2018

Extraction principle and application of ultrasonic

 extraction instrument


Ultrasonic extraction equipment, also known as ultrasonic-assisted extraction, ultrasonic extraction machine, is the use of ultrasonic radiation pressure generated strong cavitation, disturbance effects, high acceleration, crushing and stirring and other multi-level effect, increasing the frequency of molecular motion and speed , Increase solvent penetration, thereby accelerating the target component into the solvent and facilitating the extraction.

Ultrasonic extractor through the ultrasonic transducer to produce rapid mechanical vibration wave, the use of ultrasonic energy, the role of ultrasound uniformity increases, the sound intensity increases, making the particle boundary layer thinning, the outer surface of the spalling, particle fragmentation, ultrasonic disruption Cell wall, so that the material within the cell wall free to the solution to accelerate the dissolution of the active ingredient in the solvent process, reducing the target extract and the sample matrix between the force in order to achieve solid-liquid extraction and separation, in order to improve the extraction of active ingredients Rate of technology.


Ultrasonic extractor in the pharmaceutical field uses analysis:

(1) accelerate the media particle motion. When propagating in a continuous medium (such as water) with ultrasonic waves above 20 KHz, according to the Huygens fluctuation principle, the movement of the medium particle (including the mass of the medicinal substance) So that the media particle motion get a great acceleration and kinetic energy. The acceleration of particles is calculated to be more than two thousand times the acceleration of gravity. As the medium particle will ultrasonic energy act on the drug components of the drug ingredients and make it a huge acceleration and kinetic energy, quickly escape from the drug matrix and free from water.

(2) cavitation. Ultrasonic wave propagation in the liquid medium to produce a special "cavitation effect", "cavitation effect" continue to produce numerous internal pressure to reach thousands of atmospheric micro-cavitation and continue to "blast" produce a strong impact on the micro-wave Chinese herbal medicine , So that the ingredients of Chinese herbal medicines are "bombardment" to escape, and make the base material is continuously denudation, which does not belong to the plant structure of the pharmaceutical ingredients continue to be separated. Accelerate the extraction of plant active ingredients leaching.

(3) ultrasonic vibration homogenization of the sample medium at each point by the role of the same, so that the entire sample extraction more uniform. To sum up, the medicinal substances in Chinese herbal medicines not only acquire their own huge acceleration and kinetic energy as the medium particle under the action of the ultrasonic field, but also obtain strong external impact through the "cavitation effect", so they can be efficiently and fully separated.


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