Automotive wire harness ultrasonic welding

Date:Jan 19, 2020

Ultrasonic wire harness welding is a common process for automobile wire harness welding. The principle is that the surface of the welding material is recombined through high frequency vibration. Ultrasonic welding has low energy consumption, no pollution, strong welding and low internal resistance, and does not change the chemical properties of the weldment. Excellent welding conductivity.


Compared with traditional crimp spot welding, the advantages of ultrasonic wire harness welding are as follows:

1. Short welding time, greatly improved efficiency, fast and energy saving;

2. Welding materials are not melted and not vulnerable to conductor characteristics;

3. After welding, it has superior conductivity, high strength, and extremely low or nearly zero resistance;

4. Does not require any flux, gas, solder;

5, welding without sparks, smoke and dust, environmental protection and safety;

6. The welding process is stable, and the online detection control.


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