Automobile Door Panel Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Date:Sep 12, 2019

Automobile Door Panel Ultrasonic Welding Machine

The door panel welding machine is used for ultrasonic welding of large or irregular workpieces. It adopts PLC computer control system for safe and error-free operation. The high-precision linear slide structure has high speed and high efficiency, and various built-in protection systems. Such as: voltage protection system, during the uneven voltage, does not affect the ultrasonic output power of the welding machine and the ultrasonic working frequency. Overload protection, overcurrent protection, automatic compensation of power supply frequency, automatic frequency chasing, etc., adapt to various sizes of welding molds and different design molds. The ultrasonic power is adjustable, and the computer-programmed grading soft start mode is used to trigger the ultrasonic wave, so that the plastic parts are more ideal in the ultrasonic welding, and the ultrasonic transducer and the ultrasonic welding mold are more durable.


The main function:

1. Automobile door panel welding machine can design single-point welding or riveting of integral welding method according to the welding area of different automobile door panels.

2. Automobile door panel welding machine PLC programmable microcomputer control system, man-machine interface window adjust welding parameters, simple, convenient, safe, and error-free.

3. The automobile door panel welding machine frame is welded with high quality A3 square pass 5X100X50MM, the whole machine is stable and the reliability is high.

4. With linear slide structure, high precision, guaranteed quality; fast speed. Provincial labor, high efficiency, twice as fast as the traditional.

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