Application of ultrasonic welding machine in metal industry

Date:Jan 21, 2021

Application of ultrasonic welding machine in metal industry

 In the modern society where the industry is developing day by day, ultrasonic technology is applied to various fields. According to different welding materials, ultrasonic metal welding machine and ultrasonic plastic welding machine have been developed to meet market demand.


 The application of ultrasonic welding technology in the metal processing industry is mainly reflected in ultrasonic metal welding machines and various special metal welding machines, such as copper and aluminum welding machines. Ultrasonic welding has the advantages of short time, low energy consumption, no damage to the workpiece, and high efficiency. Therefore, ultrasonic metal welding is widely used for single-point welding, multi-point welding and short strip welding of thin wires or plates of non-ferrous metals such as copper, silver, aluminum, and nickel. It can be widely used for thyristor leads, fuse sheets, Welding of electrical leads, lithium battery pole pieces and tabs.

 Nickel has corrosion resistance and can be used to make stainless steel and other corrosion-resistant alloys, as well as hydrogenation catalysts, ceramics, glass and nickel-producing compounds. It is very important to ensure the welding process of pure nickel material. Manufacturers of ultrasonic welding machines have improved welding defects and ensured the processing quality of pure nickel. There is no phase change during solidification of pure nickel liquid, and it is easy to produce eutectic with low melting point and hot cracks.

 In the welding process of the traditional ultrasonic metal welding machine, cracks, pores and coarse grains are prone to appear during the rapid cooling and solidification process, which affects the corrosion resistance and mechanical properties of the welded joint. Only through the technical improvement of the welding process of the ultrasonic welding machine can the frequency of cracks be reduced and the welding quality can be improved to a certain extent.

 Ultrasonic welding machines are relatively mature in common metal welding. It can realize the advantages of small welding seam, fast welding speed and stable welding. However, there are still many areas for improvement in the welding of non-ferrous metals with ultrasonic automatic welding machines, which need to be improved according to the characteristics of different non-ferrous metals and the welding requirements of non-ferrous metals. The improvement of the ultrasonic metal welding machine cannot be done once and for all, because the conditions required for the fusion of non-ferrous metals and other metals are more complicated. The factory needs to propose corresponding improvement methods in the actual operation of the ultrasonic welding machine to effectively improve the welding effect.

 Application cases of ultrasonic welding machine in metal industry:

 1. Multilayer positive and negative welding of power battery; welding of nickel mesh and nickel plate of nickel-hydrogen battery

 2. Coil welding of solar cells, flat solar panels, aluminum-plastic composite pipes, copper-aluminum plate splicing

 3. Welding of high-current contacts, contacts, and dissimilar metals such as electromagnetic switches and non-fuse switches

 4. Copper end caps in refrigerators, air conditioners and other industries; ultrasonic welding machines are used for vacuum equipment, such as copper tubes and aluminum tubes, which can be sealed with water and airtight.

 5. Welding of copper foil and nickel plate for lithium battery and polymer battery: welding aluminum foil and aluminum plate; welding aluminum plate and nickel plate together.

 6. Automobile wiring harness; forming wire ends; mutual welding of wires; multiple wires welded to each other into a knot; copper wire and aluminum wire conversion

 7. Weld wires and cables with famous electronic components, contacts, connectors and terminals.

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