​Application of ultrasonic technology in textile industry

Date:Jan 21, 2021

Application of ultrasonic technology in textile industry

 Compared with traditional sewing machine technology, the textile industry has many advantages in using ultrasonic technology, that is, "seamless" ultrasonic sewing technology replaces traditional sewing methods. Now in the textile industry, ultrasonic technology is widely used in the forming and processing of fabric and film materials. Generally speaking, the application of ultrasonic welding technology in the textile industry has the following advantages:


1. Fast, economical, high sewing strength, strong tensile strength

2. Independent cutting and sewing, with a soft melting and finishing effect, no wire drop, no damage, no burr.

3. No need to use auxiliary materials (such as staples, glue, paper clips, etc.). )

4. No time-consuming preheating and recycling

5. No pollution, no toxic glue and solvent, environmental protection and health

6. There are no needle holes on the sewing edge, which can prevent the penetration of chemicals, pathogens and tiny harmful particles, which is safe and sanitary.

Ultrasonic welding technology is mainly used in non-woven fabrics in the textile industry. Non-woven fabrics are moisture-proof, breathable, non-combustible, easy to decompose and recyclable, and are widely used as environmentally friendly materials. Ultrasonic welding technology has a good welding effect on non-woven fabrics, synthetic fibers and chemical fibers. It can also be used for embossing, cutting, hollowing, pressing, bronzing, hemming, sewing and other processes of textiles, which is very suitable for the textile industry.


Ultrasonic welding non-woven products include: clothing lace, backpacks, handbags, curtains, raincoats, bedspreads, pillowcases, car covers, masks, packaging belts, surgical gowns, chair covers, duvet covers, protective clothing, decorations, umbrellas, lampshades, toys , Sanitary napkins, bras, gloves, tablecloths, etc.


Ultrasonic technology can laminate or stamp different materials in medical dressings to ensure breathability, sterility and flexibility. The tiny energy introduced during the ultrasonic welding process will not damage the product's absorption capacity and feel. The ultrasonic mask welding machine has been automated, from raw materials to finished products without manual operation. The bra production process has always been an ultrasonic welding process, which uses ultrasonic to cut various laces around it, without burrs, soft and comfortable

Ultrasonic technology can also be used to weld and cut textiles. Cutting and sewing will not produce burrs. No pollution, no toxic adhesives and solvents are used; there are no needle holes at the edges of the seams, which can prevent the penetration of chemical reagents, pathogens and tiny harmful particles. Practice has proved that ultrasonic energy is an important tool for forming and processing fabric and film materials. At present, domestic textile and clothing equipment that uses ultrasonic waves include: ultrasonic embossing machines, ultrasonic cotton beaters, ultrasonic slitting machines, ultrasonic mask machines, ultrasonic insole machines, and ultrasonic cloth cutting machines. One of the most significant changes brought to the textile industry by ultrasonic One is to replace traditional sewing methods with "seamless" ultrasonic sewing technology.

Textile materials suitable for ultrasonic processing: materials suitable for ultrasonic processing include 100% synthetic fibers, such as nylon, polyester, polypropylene, certain polyethylene, modified acrylic resins, certain vinyl compounds, polyurethane compounds, films, Coated paper etc. At the same time, it also includes synthetic fibers mixed with 35-50% non-synthetic fiber components.


Ultrasonic heat sealing or cutting processes can be used to form continuous work applications, similar to the traditional sewing machine working mode, such as the production of protective clothing, blinds, etc. or used to process immersion type such as button holes, collar stays, laces, etc. Single welding machine "sewing" equipment or standard ultrasonic welding machine can realize this process.

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