Application of ultrasonic plastic welding process in auto parts industry

Date:Jan 21, 2021

Application of ultrasonic plastic welding process in auto parts industry

 There are more and more plastic parts and interior parts in auto parts, which requires plastic welding technology. Due to the complexity of plastic materials and the non-standard nature of auto parts, it is determined that auto plastic parts need a variety of plastic welding processes, among which ultrasonic welding is widely used.


In the automobile industry, plastic welding is a key link in the manufacture of auto parts and bodywork, and it plays a special role in linking the former link with the latter link. At the same time, the wide variety of automotive products, the complex forming structure, the specialization and standardization of parts production, and the comprehensive requirements of automotive manufacturing in terms of quality, efficiency and cost all determine that automotive welding is a multidisciplinary, cross-domain, and highly integrated production process. . The quality of plastic welding determines the quality of the vehicle!

Ultrasonic welding of car lights

Ultrasonic plastic welding auto parts include: taillights, rearview mirrors, safety buckles, filters, shunts, plastic boxes and watch boxes, air filter covers, fan blades, signs, fuse box covers, air bag brackets, push-button switches , Bearing seat, fairing heat insulation pad, vehicle sun visor, interior decoration pendant, etc.


Auto parts for ultrasonic plastic spot welding: car interiors, polypropylene soundproof cotton, plastic pillars, non-woven soundproof felts, car door panels, electrical parts riveting, car dashboards, car signs, folder positioning, bumpers, manual gear guards Covers, car interior panels, car mats, car mats, dashboards, car panels, auto parts, etc.

Car door sound insulation cotton spot welding machine

When it comes to welding large plastic parts and complex processes, it is necessary to carry out the ultrasonic multi-head design and weld them as a whole from different directions. Used for car door panels, car dashboards, car bumpers, car parts riveting welding, car logos, car contour covers, car rear partitions, car hangers, car front covers, car headlights, car interior panels, etc.


Since large and complex plastic workpieces contain welding surfaces in different directions, multiple positions need to be welded at the same time. Standard models are no longer applicable and special machines are required to achieve production, such as automobile dashboards, door panels, bumpers, etc. However, non-standard ultrasonic welding equipment can only produce a large and complex part in a large equipment, which is not common at present.

Ultrasonic welding machine for auto parts

Ultrasonic is suitable for welding ABS, acrylic, polycarbonate, nylon, cellulose acetate, etc. There are some problems with the welding of polyethylene and polypropylene, usually requiring high energy. No matter what material it is, it must be dry, because the presence of moisture will weaken the strength of the joint. Ultrasonic welding speed is very fast (typical welding time is 015-115s), easy to realize automation, and very suitable for mass production. The applications of ultrasonic welding in the automotive industry include: instrument panels, motor housings, bearing seats, lampshades, glove boxes (cabs), lenses, filters, valves, air commutators (diverters), airflow detectors, etc.

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