Advantages of ultrasonic equipment

Date:Jun 01, 2018

1. Advantages of ultrasonic plastic welding: fast welding speed, high welding strength and good sealing;

It replaces the traditional welding/bonding process with low cost, no pollution and no damage to the workpiece.

The welding process is stable and all welding parameters can be tracked and monitored through the software system. Once the fault is found, it is easy to troubleshoot and maintain.

2. Advantages of ultrasonic metal welding: 1) welding materials do not melt and are not vulnerable to metal characteristics. 2) good conductivity after welding, low or near zero resistivity. 3) low requirements on the surface of welded metal, which can be welded by oxidation or electroplating. 4) short welding time, no flux, gas or solder is required. 5) no sparks in welding, environmental protection and safety.

Ultrasonic metal welding applicable products: 1) nickel metal hydride battery nickel metal mesh and nickel piece mutual melting and nickel piece mutual melting. 2) the copper foil of lithium battery and polymer battery is fused with nickel plate, and the aluminum foil is fused with aluminum plate. 3) wires fuse with each other, forming one and more wires fuse with each other. 4) the wire is fused with famous electronic components, contacts and connectors. 5) the mutual melting of famous household appliances and automobile products, heat exchange fins and honeycomb cores. 6) electromagnetic switch, non-fuse switch and other high-current contacts, interfusion of different metal sheets. 7) sealing tail of metal pipe, water and air tightness can be achieved by cutting off.

3. Advantages of ultrasonic cleaning machine: compared with other cleaning methods, ultrasonic cleaning machine shows great advantages. Especially in the specialized, collectivized production enterprises, ultrasonic washing machines have gradually replaced traditional washing, washing, pressure washing, vibration cleaning and steam cleaning. The high efficiency and cleanliness of ultrasonic cleaning machine is due to the penetration and cavitation shock wave caused by the sound wave in the medium. So it is easy to fine with complex shape, inner chamber, and empty parts clean, to the general oil removal, rust, phosphating process, such as under the effect of ultrasonic wave just two or three minutes to complete, its speed than traditional methods can improve several times to dozens times and cleanliness can achieve high standards, which in many requiring higher to the product surface quality and productivity, more outstanding shows with other processing method is difficult to achieve or can not be replaced results

The advantages are summarized as follows:

(1) fast cleaning speed, good cleaning effect, high cleanliness, consistent workpiece cleanliness, no damage to workpiece surface.

(2) without manual contact with cleaning solution, it is safe and reliable to clean deep holes, fine seams and concealed parts of workpieces.

(3) save solvent, heat energy, working place and labor, etc.

(4) high cleaning precision, can strongly clean small dirt particles.

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