Advantages of industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine

Date:Jun 04, 2018

Ultrasonic cleaning is internationally recognized as the most efficient, the effect is the best way to wash, cleaning efficiency of 98% or more, it also reached the highest level of cleanliness, cleaning and manual cleaning and traditional organic solvent for cleaning the cleaning efficiency of only 60% to 60%, even gas cleaning and the cleaning efficiency of high pressure water jet cleaning is less than 90% as a result, industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine, with its high efficiency, effect is good, suitable for large workload of cleaning features is undoubtedly the best choice, and this is why every to high cleanliness requirements of industry, such as vacuum coating, Optical equipment, medical equipment and other industries choose ultrasonic cleaning reasons.

The advantages of industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine are as follows:

(1) a thorough sweep a corner: ultrasonic cleaning machine for manual and other cleaning method can't effectively cleaning the workpiece, cleaning effect significantly, can completely meet the requirements of cleaning, remove hidden complex workpiece Angle corner stain;

Serial cleaning of many kinds of workpieces: no matter how complex the workpieces are, they can be placed into the cleaning liquid, as long as they are in contact with the liquid, ultrasonic cleaning effect can be achieved. Ultrasonic cleaning machine is especially suitable for complex shape and structure parts.

(3) the multi-function cleaning: ultrasonic cleaning machine can be combined with different solvent to achieve the effect of different, meet different production processes, such as: oil removal, rust removal, dust, in addition to wax, trash, or phosphating, passivation, TaoHua, electroplating, etc.

Ultrasonic cleaning can effectively reduce pollution, reduce the damage caused by toxic solvents to human beings, environmental protection and efficiency.

(5) reduce artificial: use of ultrasonic cleaning machine which can realize the workpiece automatic cleaning, drying, only the configuration on the workpiece will clean up and end a staff can operation, greatly reduces the manual cleaning needed personnel quantity and the time.

Shortens operation time: ultrasonic cleaner cleaning time is reduced to a quarter of manual cleaning time compared with manual cleaning;

7) the reduction of labor intensity, manual cleaning: clean environment is relatively bad, heavy manual labor, complex mechanical parts should be need long time cleaning ultrasonic cleaning: low labor intensity, clean environment clean and orderly, efficient cleaning automatically complex parts.

Today environmental protection and energy saving: ultrasonic cleaning circulation filter system, which can realize the cycle of cleaning solvent filtration repeated use, for saving water, cleaning solvent cost, improve the image of environmental protection of enterprises is of great significance.

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