Adavantages and Applications of Ultrasonic Cutter System

- Oct 28, 2019-

Adavantages and Applications of Ultrasonic Cutter System

Ultrasonic cutters essentially use a vibrating ultrasonic horn to aid in the cutting or dressing of sharp knife blades. Ultrasonic vibrations are transmitted to the ends of the blades, resulting in a smoother, evener cutting action.

Our ultrasonic cutting machines cut materials that are difficult to cut smoothly. They are small and do not require a large mounting area. No special equipment is required for installation. They are small enough to hold many operations hand-held. They can also be attached to automated robotic arms. Although you may not be familiar with them, they play an active role in the manufacturing process of the various industrial products we use every day.


40KHz Ultrasonic Cutter

Some common applications for ultrasonic cutting machines:

• Cutting vehicle interior materials

• Cutting aircraft carbon fiber prepreg

• Deburred and gated resin molded products

• Semi-cut multilayer material