Unique Auto Industry Welding Rear Spoilers Application Ultrasonically Welded

Unique Auto Industry Welding Rear Spoilers Application Ultrasonically Welded

Efficient Process Control for Automotive Industry Plastic Welding Equipment Altrasonic is a global provider of plastic welding equipment designed to provide professionals in the automotive industry robust, effective and controllable welding equipment and solutions. Condition of Ultrasonic...
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Unique Auto Industry Welding Rear Spoilers Application Ultrasonically Welded 

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Rear spoilers are a unique auto industry welding application. Sometimes they are ultrasonically welded. Most of the time vibration welding techniques are used after the part is painted in 90 gloss body paint. No marking of painted surface is seen when in production.

Ultrasonic welding, like butt welding, spot welding, penetrating welding, riveting, piercing is wildly applied in automotive interiors. Ultrasonic butt welding can be used in reflector and VSS(vehicle speed sensor). Ultrasonic spot welding in sound-proof cotton of engine cover, trunk and wheel casing, and hallstand felt. Ultrasonic penetrating welding in rear spoiler air-inlet grille and air flue of dashboard. Ultrasonic riveting in air outlet of air-conditioner, rear mirror, doorknob, handguard and so on. 

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Q:Is ultrasonic harmful to heath?

A:No, ultrasonic frequencies between 20 and 35 kHz are not harmful to humans. Sometimes unpleasant whistling side noises will occur. Therefore machines in the lower frequency range often have sound insulation