Ultrasonic Welding System With High Quality Converter+Generator

20kHz ultrasonic ultrasonic welding system is used in mask making machine, Three sets of 20kHz ultrasonic welding systems are needed in a plane mask production line.

Ultrasonic Welding System With High Quality Converter+Generator



Frequency: 20kHz

Output Power: 2000W

Weight: 20kg

Generator: Analog generator


Welding horn: 110*20mm

Size: 45*38*25cm

Working Temperature: 5ºC-50ºC

Packing: Wooden box

Delivery time: 3-5 worksday

Part: Ultrasonic Generator + Ultrasonic Transducer + Horn


1. Energy conversion rate up to 95%

2. The ultrasonic generator is also a part of the ultrasonic energy production, our ultrasonic generator adopts imported electronic components, hardcover.

3. With a high-powered ultrasonic transducer with a titanium alloy ultrasonic die head.

4. The machine failure rate is low, consumables, durable, easy installation and debugging, maintenance is simple.

5. The aging time of the transducer is at least one week, so as to ensure the stability of the transducer parameters.

6. Each product is tested independently to ensure product performance and quality.

What can we offer

1. One year warranty.

2. Online technical support.

3. Horn can be customized.

4.Transducer free glue connection.







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