Ultrasonic Using In Automotive Consoles High Frequency Vibration Welding

Ultrasonic Using In Automotive Consoles High Frequency Vibration Welding

Efficient Process Control for Automotive Industry Plastic Welding Equipment Altrasonic is a global provider of plastic welding equipment designed to provide professionals in the automotive industry robust, effective and controllable welding equipment and solutions. Condition of Ultrasonic...

Ultrasonic Using in Automotive Consoles High Frequency Vibration Welding




Automotive consoles have been assembled in many different ways. The use of Ultrasonics, Heat Staking, Vibration and Hot plate welders have been used to assemble a large portion of these consoles.

Affecting Factors in Ultrasonic Thermoplastic Welding:


Ultrasonic automotive plastics as the condition of ultrasonic welding, the most important is the time to apply welding energy (vibration, welding time) length and pressure, of course, other conditions are also very important. Welding temperature ultrasonic welding material viscosity flow temperature. Otherwise the material will not melt.

ALTRASONIC will find the best solution for your thermoplastic welding needs.


Competitive Advantage:

1. Rapid sonotrode exchange

2. High quality, heavy duty aluminum housing

3. High frequency and control cable to the ultrasound generator are in a strong and highly flexible braided plastic sheet

4. Timer-controlled air cooling as an option

5. Mobile – can be transported by handle on the generator case




CE Certification:





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Shipping Term:By express,by air,by ocean and so on.

Leading Time:Quick production leading time and fast delivery.Usually 1-3days if we have in stock.






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