Ultrasonic Spot Weldng Machine For Earloop Face Mask Making

Ultrasonic Spot Weldng Machine For Earloop Face Mask Making

Following the mask body, the elastic bands are welded to the left and right sides of the mask body, respectively, to complete a semi-automatic machine with a complete outer ear mask.

Ultrasonic Spot Weldng Machine For Earloop Face Mask Making



       1.The ultrasonic spot welding machine uses the original transducer, with stable output, high-quality component assembly, reliable performance, intelligent machine design, and easy operation. It is mainly suitable for N95 masks (cup-type masks, dust-proof masks, duck-mouth-type masks, flat masks, etc. ) Designed for spot welding of earbands, high production efficiency, simple operation and stable quality;

       2. The design of double guide post can solve the problem of tilting back when welding;

       3. The operation is simple, the welding point is firm and beautiful after welding, without damaging the material itself.


Machine performance:

1. The machine is small and flexible in design and easy to operate.

2. It can be used for welding of flat, inner / outer ear bands, cup masks, duckbill type and other special-shaped masks.

3.After the mask body is manufactured, the ear bands are welded manually, the operation is simple, and the contacts are firm and beautiful. Skilled workers finish welding 10-12 pieces of mask earbands per minute.

Ultrasonic mask ear band spot welding machine working characteristics:

No flux and external heating are required, no deformation due to heat, no residual stress, and low requirements for pre-weld treatment on the surface of the weldment. Not only similar metals but also dissimilar metals can be welded. Sheets or filaments can be welded to thick plates. Ultrasonic welding of good electrical conductors has much less energy than current welding, and is often used for welding the leads of transistors or integrated circuits. When used for sealing welding of medicines and explosive materials, it can avoid the general welding contamination of medicines due to dissolved objects, and will not cause explosion due to heat



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