35khz Ultrasonic Seamless Sealing Core Parts For Non-Woven Fabric

OVERVIEW The ultrasonic sewing system consists of 35Khz ultrasonic longitudinal-vibration transducer, the first booster, one-piece circular horn, the second booster and matched special generator. Ultrasonic longitudinal-vibration Transducer, the first booster, one-piece circular horn, the second...

35khz ultrasonic seamless sealing core parts for Non-Woven fabric



Ultrasonic technology increases room for maneuver

Ultrasonic sealing technology is one possibility that enables manufacturers to reduce both costs and product waste while providing strong product protection. Reduced energy consumption, material savings and increased equipment availability allow manufacturers to produce more sustainably and profitable. In comparison to other sealing methods used to date, such as hot and cold sealing, ultrasonic technology represents an attractive alternative.






35 KHz


800-1000 W

Rotary Welding Horns Width

12 mm

Power Adjust Method

File or Continuous

The Horns Surface Hardness

More than HRC56

Rate electricity


Jointing Width


Jointing Speed


Working air pressure


Exterior Dimension


Net weight


Ultrasonic generator converts 50-60Hz AC into High power and frequency 35Khz AC, and transmit it to transducer.
Ultrasonic converter converts the high frequency electrical energy into mechanical energy
Booster: Connecting and fixing transducer and horn, Amplifying amplitude and transmitting to horn
Horn(wheel): Transmitting the mechanical energy to the fabric, meanwhile, amplifying the amplitude
Connect Bolt: Connecting the parts above tightly



HSF57B-CB-Y ultrasonic seamless bonder is applicable to flat sewing machine's sewing of nylon cloth, PVC, PU, TPU, TC cloth, non-woven fabric and other thermoplastic cloth. Ultrasonic working head generates high frequency vibration to make cloth interface fused, so needles and threads are not needed; the interface has no needle holes and it can realize completely seamless effect. According to product demand, especially punctiform plastic welding, e.g. welding of both ends of clothing zippers, it is smokeless, tasteless and odorless, so the machine is a set of environment-friendly production equipment in demand at present. If auxiliary processing devices are installed, the processing quality can be controlled and the production rate can be enhanced.


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