20Khz Lace Machine Part Ultrasonic Oscillator Transducer Booster Titanium Horn /sewing Machine Parts

20KHZ sewing machine core, used for welding, sealing and cutting of various non-woven fabrics

20Khz Lace Machine part Ultrasonic Oscillator Transducer Booster Titanium Horn /sewing machine parts





Output power2600watt
Input voltage110V or 220V selectable
Material of hornTitanium or Special Steel 
AmplitudeMore than 50um 
Power supplyAnalog Generator
Power rangePower can be adjusted from 1% to 99%
Cooling Compressor air cooling or Cooling fan
ApplicationCutting and Sealing Fabrics




We offer the same warranty as the OEM, namely, one years, free replacement.

Simply ship the broken unit back to arrive within three years of original shipment, and it will be replaced (one time).


Principle:   With ultrasonic sealing, the heat required for melting is only generated inside the thermoplastic sealing layer. For localized conversion of vibrations to friction heat, the anvil or sonotrode profiles are mostly linear. These profiles ensure focusing of the energy input and therefore short sealing times between 100 and 200 milliseconds. With ultrasonic sealing heat is generated at the inside of the film, not by heat input from the outside as is the case with heat sealing, for example. The tools (sonotrode and anvil) that come into direct contact with the packaging material, remain cold during the entire weld process. The support layer remains almost cold and upon termination of energy input, the heat dissipates faster to the outside due to the temperature difference between the support layer and the sealing layer so that the hot-tack resistance is significantly higher.




1. For thermal plastic gate cutting and flush cutting. 

2. For non-woven or woven cutting,textile cutting, fabric cutter, curtain cutting,window blind fabric. 3. For rubber, PVC, leather plastic, cardboard, acrylic, polyprolene and so on cutting. 4. For tape and film cutting. 5. For paper cutting,printing industry cutting.

6. For package material cutting.

7. For  the automotive industry cutting.


Equipment function


(1) The use of ultrasonic vibration and special steel wheel, pressurized, you can get the use of the above functions.

(2) Processing does not smoke, sparks, does not hurt the edges of cloth, but also to avoid burrs.

(3) The change of the flower wheel is simple and convenient, the flower wheel of various figures can be changed according to the customer's need.

(4) No preheating during manufacture and continuous operation.

(5) Can be installed color paper, gold foil, up to India when pressure, bronzing function.

(6) can be more than one unit into a special machine, in order to complete a larger width of the product, such as quilt cover, umbrella and so on.

(7) Special alloy steel wheel made of material, and by special heat







Payment allowance:


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