Ultrasonic Riveting Solution For Tail Lamps Automotive

Ultrasonic Riveting Solution For Tail Lamps Automotive

Efficient Process Control for Automotive Industry Plastic Welding Equipment Altrasonic is a global provider of plastic welding equipment designed to provide professionals in the automotive industry robust, effective and controllable welding equipment and solutions. Condition of Ultrasonic...

Ultrasonic Riveting Solution for Tail Lamps Automotive 

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Automotive tail lamps utilize Hot plate, Vibration, Ultrasonic and laser welding in their assembly methods. The new tail lamps have become more complex and welding the components together is still the industry standard

Definition of ultrasonic auto plastic welding:

Ultrasonic welding is a high-tech technology of sintered plastic products. The use of this technology can replace past production of flux, adhesives, buckles or other mechanical fixation, thereby improving the production efficiency and reduce costs. 




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