Ultrasonic Portable Assembly 28Khz For Nonwovens And Textiles

Ultrasonic Portable Assembly 28Khz For Nonwovens And Textiles

Ultrasonic spot welders are mainly used for point-by-point riveting, welding and molding of thermoplastics. Modular integrated circuit, high output power and easy operation. Built-in fully automatic protection circuit ensures safe application and stable and reliable operation.

Ultrasonic Portable Assembly 28Khz For Nonwovens And Textiles


The two plastic parts are welded together without the need to pre-design the bond wires for soldering purposes, portable operation, fast, clean, safe and stable.We have our own factories and professional designers. We can manufacture the products you need at competitive prices according to your requirements. 


Item No.: HSW28

Frequency: 28khz

Power: 1000W

Horn: ≤12mm

Housing Diameter: 44mm

Weight of Welder: 1.0kg


The Video Of Process Welding:


Household Products, Technical Products, Telecommunications, Nonwovens and Textiles, Plastic Toys, Medical Devices, Stationery, Packaging, Automotive

Secondary processing:  

( Bonding and fastening, assembly and secondary )

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