Steel Mold Parts For N95 KN95 Ultrasonic Non-woven Mask Machine

Ultrasonic welding is an industrial technique whereby high-frequency ultrasonic acoustic vibrations are locally applied to workpieces being held together under pressure to create a solid-state weld. It is commonly used for plastics, and especially for joining dissimilar materials. In ultrasonic welding, there are no connective bolts, nails, soldering materials, or adhesives necessary to bind the materials together.

Steel Mold Parts for N95 KN95 Ultrasonic Non-woven Mask Machine



Mold type:Steel mold

Effective working area:110*20mm 

Surface treatment:Anti-rust coating




The ultrasonic mold (horn) is a general term for all ultrasonic transmitting ends, and its role is to couple the ultrasonic waves generated by the transducer to the processed object. Because it transmits ultrasonic waves, the mold must also work in resonance, that is, its natural resonance frequency must match the vibrator. Secondly, the amplitude should be uniform, and the shape of the end face should be adapted to the shape of the tool being welded.


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