35khz Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Equipment, Can Be Used For Auto Parts, Plastic

Ultrasonic plastic welding machine can be used for butt welding of thermoplastics, but also for riveting, spot welding, embedding, cutting and other processing techniques. Design the size and shape of the mold according to the appearance of the product.

35khz ultrasonic plastic welding equipment, can be used for auto parts, plastic


Item No:HS-W35

Frequency: 35kHz

Power: 1000w

Weight: 20kg

Generator: Digital generator

Voltage: 220V/110V

Application industry:

Ultrasonic spot welding machine is widely used in clothing industry, trademark industry, automotive industry, plastic electronics, household goods industry, etc.

1.Plastic toys, water guns, aquarium game machines, children's dolls, plastic gifts, etc .;

2. Electronic products: Recording, tape cassettes and core wheels, disk enclosures, mobile phone battery panels and rectifier transformers, switch sockets, remote controls, electronic mosquito swatters, anti-counterfeit bottle caps, etc.

3. Household appliances: electronic clocks, electric blower blowers, steam iron water tanks, electric kettles, computers, etc.

4, stationery and daily necessities: stationery boxes, aquarium rulers, folder seams and shells, pen holders, cosmetic box shells, toothpaste tube caps, cosmetic mirrors, thermos cups, lighters, seasoning bottles, etc.

5. Automobiles and motorcycles: hubcaps, interior panels, lights, meters, reflectors, etc.

6. Applications in the sports industry: billiard tables, treadmill rollers, rope skipping grips, steppers, treadmill accessories, jumping boxes, gymnastic mats, boxing gloves, boxing punching bags, Sanda protective gear, path signs, display racks and other sports equipment.

35khz ultrasonic spot welding machine - welding gun - netted weld surface (20)

35khz ultrasonic spot welder (23)





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