20K Ultrasonic Welding With Generator

20K Ultrasonic Welding With Generator

When the ultrasonic wave acts on the contact surface of thermoplastics, high-frequency vibration will be generated, resulting in local high temperature.

20K Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine



Ultrasonic plastic welders operate by inducing ultrasonic frequencies in plastic components that is converted into heat between the welded plastic laminates.  Frictional heat is produced so that thermoplastic parts melt and an insoluble connection between parts is forged in a very short period of time. The melting points of both working pieces is nearly equivalent which helps to form a uniform weld area.  The welded area is usually as strong as the matrix material.

Ultrasonic plastic welding is the joining or reforming of thermoplastics through the use of heat generated from high-frequency mechanical motion. It is accomplished by converting high-frequency electrical energy into high-frequency mechanical motion. That mechanical motion, along with applied force, creates frictional heat at the plastic components’ mating surfaces (joint area) so the plastic material melts and forms a molecular bond between the parts.

Parameter :

Output power2000W
Air press4-6KG/cm2

1. This machine uses NTK transducer, FESTO cylinder, SMC pressure regulating valve;
2. Automatic frequency display during operation
3. Dial indicator scale display
4. Digital control with high precision
5. The base is horizontally adjusted, and the frame mode is convenient to adjust.
6. Square column design to avoid back-up of the fuselage during welding

Machine systems include:

  • Custom Sound Boxes

  • Sequencing one power supply to multiple converters

  • Mounting Ultrasonic Welding stacks to Robots

  • Multi-head systems

  • Continuous Sonics Systems

  • Dial Indexer Welding machine with added processes

  • Custom Ultrasonic Actuators

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