15K 3200W Ultrasonic Plastic Welding With Accurate And Zero-clearance Joints

Ultrasonic welding equipment can be easily customized to fit the exact specifications of the parts being welded. The parts are sandwiched between a fixed shaped nest (anvil) and a sonotrode (horn) connected to a transducer, and a ~20 kHz low-amplitude acoustic vibration is emitted.

15K 3000W Ultrasonic Plastic Welding with Accurate and Zero-clearance Joints


Altrasonic is a global provider of plastic welding equipment designed to provide professionals in the automotive industry robust, effective and controllable welding equipment and solutions. Our plastic welding solutions are designed to help automotive parts manufacturers meet stringent CAFE regulations and satisfy their customer’s expectations. 


Frequency: 15K

Power: 3000W

Voltage: 200-240V

Current: 10a

The largest welding area:  Φ 200 mm

Tool head material: titanium alloy or aluminum alloy

Welding head stroke: 100mm

Setting of welding time: range from 0.01 to 9.99s

Electrical box: CNC electrical box working mode: time mode and energy mode


Body plastic parts, automobile doors, automobile meters, lamp mirrors, sunshade, interior decorations, filters, reflective materials, reflective track nails, bumpers, cables, plastic filters for motorcycles, radiators, water tanks, fuel tanks, air ducts, exhaust purifiers, and so on.


1. Precisely matches the velocity of the ultrasonic stack with the melt flow velocity of the plastic material ensuring optimum molecular intermingling.

2. All-electric true servo technology eliminates the variability associated with pneumatic press components and provides unprecedented control to ultrasonic welding process.

3. Displays all Weld parameters, limits and graphs from the weld cycle. 100% digital all-electric control simplifies the calibration and validation process.



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