Ultrasonic Metal Welding For Welding Solar Heat Collector Plate

Ultrasonic metal roll welding machine is also named ultrasonic copper sheet aluminum sheet copper tube aluminum tube roll welding machine, ultrasonic solar collector plate roll welding machine, ultrasonic solar fin metal rolling machine, ultrasonic solar heat absorbing plate core roll welding machine, whole board Solar collector plate welding machine, flat solar collector welding machine, etc.

Ultrasonic Metal Welding For Welding Solar Heat Collector Plate


Power AdjustingStep or continuous
Working Time Control


High-frequency vibration waves are transmitted to the two metal surfaces to be welded by ultrasonic metal welding. The two metal surfaces are rubbed together to form a fusion between the molecular layers, which has the advantages of rapidity, energy saving, high fusion strength, good electrical conductivity, no spark, and near cold processing; the disadvantage is that the welded metal parts cannot be too thick, generally Less than or equal to 5mm, the solder joints should not be too large and require pressurization.


1. Welding system available in high end and standard configuration.

2. The entire welding process can be completed by simply feeding and touch screen operation, and the operation is simple and quick.

3. The overall frame is stable and has a long life.


It is widely used in solar panels and solar collectors, as well as hardware products and solar energy industries.




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